Promotional Tracks : Part 2

by iLLvibe

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released July 15, 2014




iLLvibe Toronto, Ontario

Award winning Hip Hop artist || Runner up to Drake for Best Toronto Rapper || Winner of CBC's Canada's Smartest Person S02E01 || International man of mystery.


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Track Name: Higher
My mind higher this ganja fryin my brain /
Gotta work all day jus to keep the high I sustain /
Why is this unlikely as the lie 'at you claim /
Ridin that unleaded and inside is a flame /
Tryna spit fire smokin Hydro on planes /
to get higher click by it shit the bars are insane /
hardly the same offering from popular lames /
If its weak, cant see it through my ocular veins /
Check the high tops next walk you coppin the same /
But I aint mad its that most high, props to ya game /
Im that same kid grindin and Im not gonna change /
I be that same kid find me when the times'a get strange /
Im like a diamond appraised, the vibe 'a lie on my chaise /
Im on a next level now, been gettin higher for days /
line up the jays hit it for the final persuash /
I look down, exhale and set toronto ablaze /

All day I get high
But I aint ever come down...

See I been callen a bastard faggot and vagabond /
And I been tighter than this spliff I took a drag upon /
not good at goodbyes so imma drag it on /
I got a really good high, lets get some braggin on /
charts for the chatter / pop tarts love the fatta beef /
starts at ya heart got bars like a battle league /
shots for the homie mike hearts finna shatter g /
lost but I loved how you laughed when they mad at me /
I been high just chillin maxin at my place /
Since the days of MSN'n and Myspace /
since the days when eminem was in my place /
I was a kid just a bitter twist with a lime chase /
Big shot you bet Im keepin that bong close /
and bowl packed, Im bangin on it like bongos /
Im vibin jus highrisin in condos /
its time to take it home even lebron knows /
Track Name: Midnight in Amsterdam
Its 6 in the 6, but its midnight in amsterdam /
At the coffeeshop hasha slam /
Ultramagnetic stickin to my master plan /
Abs the man, but we had a different path to ran /
Love and hate same thing they go hand in hand
Im prolly somewhere inbetween like an ampersand /
Im screamin bangarang, Shortstack the fam /
I do my own stuntin im on my jackie chan /
No double, triple on a single is big /
Me and mac feel like diddy n big /
Definition fresh as anything big /
Kid they used to tell me i would never be big /
But just a little of some literal quotes /
About illy from familiar blokes /
A brilliant dose of real for a billion folks /
fillin civilians with lyrics and jokes /
Gimme a smoke, pass me a lighter /
Diggity dope im like Blackstreet but whiter /
Fixin a flow / doh slap beats and cyphers /
Been in the mode / at a track meet and niked up /
Right, and nukky prolly MIA /
Not missin in miami on his everyday /
All day like Tay when the bars drop /
Im from Oz where we get ours in like non stop /
And we still waiting on dorothy /
Tragic ending you still wait for the chorus g /
Storm the beach, war but more importantly /
Im overseas, Northstarr in the port with D /
on a boat on the decks where the Tona be /
Straight positivity hate stops where the boarder be /
All aboard, I see the fam and I know the speed /
There's a shark in the waters, life is the coldest stream /
The strangest dream i came back jus to save the scene /
or straight jack it from bitches maybe it's maybeline /
or made up on the front page of the same machine /
like Quake Matthews, I make rap music stays my theme /
Wouldnt believe some of the days I seen /
Play some Prim, reminisce about the age of teen /
Now im chillin over 30 and the page is clean /
Im runnin outta faded favours in my favourite jeans /
Got a hole up in the pocket /
time keep gettin older but there's no way I can stop it /
I wrote this rhyme in the sky, got my famous on /
Let em talk, this the shit that got em hatin on /