Hate Is Love (2014)

by iLLvibe

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Noah Goodbaum
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Noah Goodbaum Illiano makes delightful, endlessly re-listenable rap albums. This shit is amazing all the way through, especially my wonderful verse on "Smokin' When I Want" and Illy and Kehmak's staggering achievements on "Too High To Drive". Wow! Favorite track: To High Too Drive feat. Casper & Kehmak.
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Mixtape featuring Promotional tracks & Originals


released November 28, 2014





iLLvibe Toronto, Ontario

Award winning Hip Hop artist || Runner up to Drake for Best Toronto Rapper || Winner of CBC's Canada's Smartest Person S02E01 || International man of mystery.


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Track Name: 100 Truth (100 bars)
they aint want it tho... x

here it come in with thunder that 100 truth /
100 proof, ha like pun on a juice /
notion, go slow son, bun on a roof /
blow some, on the low plus rum on a cruise /
with my girl she my world plus one on the life /
Put in 1 in her son, done right be a wife /
Done nightly, the light shine nice for a lifetime /
Might be the wine, but this might be the right time /
- Do told me, know that you shinin' a north star /
European route like we drivin a sports car /
- report card for all artist is four stars /
But your farther like prolly out where the war stars /
star wars - jus beef resonatin from haters /
Im labourin so late, I want bacon potatos /
And heads crackin on some wackness, Im great cause I made it /
These egg salad ass crackers who act like I paid in /

- But with iLLy the money go one way /
20 to 1, funny the fuck is they gone say /
After this one - better badder with bigger biz /
fuck that Im the one who showed em what bigger is /
And I aint even need that hook that you thought that Id go to /
A real artist supposed to hop boxes or blow through /
or hotbox, till i' pops from the 02 /
Non stop - Im on top - like a old dude /
Im oldschool like a school house rocks /
But still I hit it, they like illy ya that new style drops /
I do my own shit, fuck it rockin 2 style socks /
Fuck Actin like a baller buyin 2 pound stocks /
My new found flow / is somethin like a new sound yo /
So put the gun up to ya head or put the noose down low /
Cause we killin it ourselves and let the news drown slow /
On that little shit, feel it when I move crowds MO /

On my fiddle shit rooftop shootin at the youth cop /
videos about it youtube like a juke box /
Drummin like Im culture, Big Casp on the juice box /
Kehmak, same track / where the truth rocks /
Where it lerks prolly philly where they move shit /
Or in the windy city, I aint been but dig the music /
And now Im out in Cali where they took it and improved it /
Next up NY, mecca for this true shit /
Ask Napz body bags for wack fakes /
body buzz from the buds boy my ass baked /
body break my body been on the beach /
my mind a been on the game, and left a body on beats /
been layin low as the heat pass /
we LA in it on higher layers of weed grass /
we annihalated off the haze and a steep glass /
by the way we aint even hate at yo a weak ass /

The strong willed I bomb villages armed villain /
The chron dealer, the bong fillin Im long livin /
Like im the king, vibe feelin like two in a million /
aaliyah had 1, and its proof that these movies a kill ya
Of course iLLy a just do what he do, he Sicillian /
And gettin pussy, I aint pushy as smooth as brazillian /
And even haters of the music know movement is brilliant /
Cause I could put them on the top, in the newest pavillion /
Im just a - wop, wigger, wack rapper, waste man /
funny thing is the dude said it's a waste man /
literally takin trash up out the waste can
picturin me backup on vacatiann /
I never hate man, sometimes Im dissapointed /
You missed the point I been livin go out and get a point in /
-- And already i feel em spinnen truths /
Hear em droppin my name in random interviews /

But I refuse to give a moment of time /
a moment of mine is 9 in the normalest mind /
the formulas prime times few orient signs /
try addin it all together add a 4 and a 5 /
Imm on that 123 but a whole different size /
Im on that uh, bruce lee from the home of the rise /
- high, sky scrapin 6am to pm /
- They hatin but lately been payin to see em /
waitin to see, Im jus excited to eat /
A mic, a crowd, emcees, then Im right up the street /
On my my Mic Jack way I light up a beat /
the tightest in reciters, d-sisive but sweet /
See I disagree, cause derek is very nice /
clerical error, lyracist, parent a pair a nikes /
Plus we bangin on burgers and talkin biz /
But I only want that ketchup and onions ontop of this /

You gimme mayo, its murder Ill take ya kids /
And one by one all your neighbours, Im hungry waitin for chips /
You hatin a star but look up and it still in the sky /
Jealousy gon fill you, and that feelin is why /
winnin off a bull shit, Like I live in the Chi /
Thats word to Rynn D, skill the way that pippen applied /
kill it in a similar style winnin the prize /
On that MJ, 6 done been on the rise /
When the beat goes, jumpin from the freethrow line /
Im on at east coast, runnin on down beach no sign /
of stoppin or no slackin that defeats yo time /
So back off it, back up and go and ease yo spine /
Im on that maestro flow, to let ya backbone slide /
Im tryna stick to the vision I been maxed on high /
So I aint payin no attention to attacks on vibe /
Because the love so loud and the wacks gon die /
Free fallin, fuckin paved the way /
Like that underground rail that they made for slaves /
People wanna sound real while they say the fake /
& I dont work with anybody if theys a snake /